Our Mission:

TheSpeakEasy is a friendly drama free slice of cyber space where good humor prevails and everyone is welcome. We're a casual meeting place with a penchant for music and conversation. Sometimes we're talking about sex other times it's music or other stuff...some of it is flirtatious and some of it is just plain good social conversation.

Our name TheSpeakEasy actually refers to the ease of speaking among friends. People from all over the world hang out here to socialize, meet with friends both old and new and to enjoy the good music, good friends, and good conversation. Find us on the irc server at irc.bondage.international. We will be waiting for you.

We are a proud sponsor of Rockin' Rendezvous Radio. They are an in-channel radio service provided free to our guests 24 hours a day. Beyond the love of music it provides a shared experience as something to talk about. Rendezvous Radio broadcasts a wide range of music with an eclectic mix.


People with a @ or & next to their names are channel operators (OPs). We pride ourselves on friendly and fair op's. Those with a '+' by their name are the channels voices. The '+' does not designate gender in TheSpeakEasy, but does distinguish friends of the channel.

To maintain the rooms friendly nature, common sense and civility need to prevail at all times. This keeps the drama to a minimum and ensures a pleasant environment for all of us.


Beyond the servers rules our room expects tolerance of others preferences: sexual, music, or basically anything else someone prefers.

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